Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

  • Rental Properties | 3 Tactics To Attract College Students To Your Rental Property

    Different from houses for sale that cater to all types of homebuyers, owners of rental properties need to find ways to attract particular demographics, so they can accommodate to them specifically. If your desired demographic is college students, you need to find ways to attract them to your rental property. College students usually want convenience and value when they are on the lookout for rental properties. But they also look for places with specific benefits that allow them to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

  • Why Tiny House Ownership Is a Great Financial Move

    In the twentieth century, the huge advances in engineering, industry, and technology led everybody to believe that bigger is better. But in the twenty-first century, this idea is being revisited, and more people are choosing to strip back their lives. It turns out that materialism just doesn't make people happy and that giving things up rather than acquiring things is far more happiness-inducing. This has led to people moving out of their big homes and relocating to Tiny Houses – very small spaces that have a minimal impact on the environment and that just don't allow for lots of "

  • When It's Time to Upgrade Your Home's Locks

    It's never good to wait until your home's locks fail to think about changing them, as you want to ensure that your home is always safe and secure; sometimes older locks aren't always the best in getting this job done. A burglar may be able to easily pick an older lock as it may not be very complicated on the inside, and the lock may start to break down so that the tumblers are easy to manipulate.

  • What Are The Areas Of Responsibility For Professional Property Management?

    Property management is a term used to refer to a number of professional services offered to a landlord with the aim of maximizing financial returns from the property investment. Each service provided by a property manager falls under an area of responsibility associated with property management. It is important for a new landlord to understand the various areas of responsibility before paying for professional property management services.  This understanding is meant to give the landlord a rough idea of what to expect from a property manager or management company.

  • When It's Time To Invest: Pros and Cons Of A Serviced Apartments

    Serviced apartments are a great alternative to hotel rooms for many travelling families, and they are also very popular with corporate travellers too. More than 1.9 million Australians are investment property owners, and as someone who is on the hunt for your first investment property, you will see serviced apartments for sale during your hunt. As with any type of investment, serviced apartments have both positive and negative aspects when it comes to ownership, so these are the main points you need to know.

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Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

Hi, my name is Molly. I have been a property owner since my grandma died when I was eighteen, and I inherited a rental property. Over the years, I have managed that property very successfully, and about ten years ago, I started adding to my collection. While I would definitely say that the investment property game is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it can make lucrative money. To help others who are interested in getting into the game, I have decided to start a blog. Here, I am going to share insider tips, experiences and ideas. Get comfortable and feel free to explore!