Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

  • Understanding Thermographic Inspections for Your Home

    There has never been a simpler way of detecting and diagnosing a range of building problems than using thermographic inspection devices. Energy auditors and home inspectors regularly use thermography for reliable, instant and accurate building diagnosis to deal with many building problems like moisture problems, detecting thermal defects, and air leakage in homes. Types of thermographic devices The home inspector or energy auditor may use the following thermographic inspection devices to ease their work:

  • Finance Your Small Business's Capital Spending with These Equipment Financing Options

    If you are starting out your small or mid-sized business, financing your capital spending is something you will want to achieve. For this reason, regardless of the existing market and economic conditions, financing the acquisition of equipment for your business rather than using cash may present significant advantages, such as maintenance of liquidity while helping mitigate risks. The trick, however, is in knowing the options that will best suit your financial structure and capital goods needs.

  • Installing A Non-Asbestos Flooring? Here Is What You Should Know About Leaving the Asbestos-Containing Floors in Place

    If you live in an old house that was built perhaps before the 1980s, then you are likely to find asbestos in some parts of the house. Some of the possible places you will most probably find the asbestos include the ceiling, wallboards, wall plasters, and floor mastics among other places. These materials were used in construction because of their fire-resistant and insulating properties. However, the materials will only be harmful if tiny asbestos fibres become airborne during such activities as repairs or renovations.

  • 4 Tips for Buying a Motel

    If you have located a motel that is currently being sold, you might be tempted to buy it and take over management, or hire another property management company. While this can be tempting to jump into, it should be well thought out, just like any other commercial real estate investment. Here are some tips for buying a motel. Have the Property Inspected Before you do anything else, have the entire property inspected.

  • Rental Properties | 3 Tactics To Attract College Students To Your Rental Property

    Different from houses for sale that cater to all types of homebuyers, owners of rental properties need to find ways to attract particular demographics, so they can accommodate to them specifically. If your desired demographic is college students, you need to find ways to attract them to your rental property. College students usually want convenience and value when they are on the lookout for rental properties. But they also look for places with specific benefits that allow them to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

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    Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

    Hi, my name is Molly. I have been a property owner since my grandma died when I was eighteen, and I inherited a rental property. Over the years, I have managed that property very successfully, and about ten years ago, I started adding to my collection. While I would definitely say that the investment property game is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it can make lucrative money. To help others who are interested in getting into the game, I have decided to start a blog. Here, I am going to share insider tips, experiences and ideas. Get comfortable and feel free to explore!