Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

  • Three tips for an easy house move

    Whilst finding a new home is an exciting experience, the process of actually moving into it can be very stressful. Even the most organised of people may find it challenging to sort through and pack away every single item they own. Here are some top tips on how to make this situation less daunting and have a hassle-free house move.   Ask for help When preparing for a move, many people struggle to delegate; this may be because they believe they can do a better job of packing by themselves or because they don't want to burden anyone else with this task.

  • Commercial Cleaning Services Could Stop Your Office In-Fighting Problem!

    You thought, when you hired your staff, that you were hiring the most competent adults for the job, and to a point, this is true. However, there is nothing guaranteed to reduce your staff to childlike behaviour faster than a dirty kitchen. Petty squabbling can degenerate to World War 3 quickly when adults take umbrage at dishes left constantly in the sink. However, the hiring of a commercial cleaning service could quickly stop some personality types dead in their tracks.

  • Finance Your Small Business's Capital Spending with These Equipment Financing Options

    If you are starting out your small or mid-sized business, financing your capital spending is something you will want to achieve. For this reason, regardless of the existing market and economic conditions, financing the acquisition of equipment for your business rather than using cash may present significant advantages, such as maintenance of liquidity while helping mitigate risks. The trick, however, is in knowing the options that will best suit your financial structure and capital goods needs.

  • 4 Tips for Buying a Motel

    If you have located a motel that is currently being sold, you might be tempted to buy it and take over management, or hire another property management company. While this can be tempting to jump into, it should be well thought out, just like any other commercial real estate investment. Here are some tips for buying a motel. Have the Property Inspected Before you do anything else, have the entire property inspected.

  • When It's Time to Upgrade Your Home's Locks

    It's never good to wait until your home's locks fail to think about changing them, as you want to ensure that your home is always safe and secure; sometimes older locks aren't always the best in getting this job done. A burglar may be able to easily pick an older lock as it may not be very complicated on the inside, and the lock may start to break down so that the tumblers are easy to manipulate.

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Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

Hi, my name is Molly. I have been a property owner since my grandma died when I was eighteen, and I inherited a rental property. Over the years, I have managed that property very successfully, and about ten years ago, I started adding to my collection. While I would definitely say that the investment property game is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it can make lucrative money. To help others who are interested in getting into the game, I have decided to start a blog. Here, I am going to share insider tips, experiences and ideas. Get comfortable and feel free to explore!