Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

Tips for First Time Property investors: Molly's Real Estate Blog

Commercial Cleaning Services Could Stop Your Office In-Fighting Problem!

by Vanesa Diaz

You thought, when you hired your staff, that you were hiring the most competent adults for the job, and to a point, this is true. However, there is nothing guaranteed to reduce your staff to childlike behaviour faster than a dirty kitchen. Petty squabbling can degenerate to World War 3 quickly when adults take umbrage at dishes left constantly in the sink. However, the hiring of a commercial cleaning service could quickly stop some personality types dead in their tracks.

The Note-Leaver

Every office has a note-leaver in the kitchen. This person has an addiction to taping white paper signs with bold lettering that states employee's mothers do not work there so could they please clean up after themselves. And, to be fair, dirty dishes left sitting in the sink attract flies. Also, the longer food sits on the plate, the more bacteria has a chance to grow. Note-leavers tend to irritate other adults, who often take it upon themselves to leave sarcastic replies on these printed reminders.

An office cleaning service can stop the note-taker in their tracks by emptying out the sink each night, turning on the dishwasher, or hand-washing the dishes if an electronic option is not available. This service gives your employees a bacteria-free plate to eat on the next day, and the note-taker is shut down for good.

The Fridge Slob

Employees often like to bring food in from home to save on the cost of having to buy lunch while at the office, but there are always one or two who do not take care when storing food in the office refrigerator. Spilt liquids can leave sticky residue on the shelves which, in turn, make other workers' lunchboxes sticky. Additionally, bacteria can grow within a fridge despite the cold, and if the container is not lidded properly, movement could lead to bacteria spores swirling inside the fridge and landing on other people's food.

A commercial cleaning service can make short work of the fridge problem. Not only can they (on your instruction of course) throw away everything in the fridge at the end of each week, they can then clean and disinfect the shelves ready for the following week. This should solve the complaints about food within the fridge that is growing rainbow-coloured bacteria.

As a busy business owner, you have better things to do than listen to the in-fighting among your employees about the state of the office kitchen. So hire a commercial cleaning service like SKG Pty Ltd to take care of the office kitchen problem and you'll have less drama to deal with from your employees. A peaceful office equals a happy boss.


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